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XBPS-PKGDB(1) General Commands Manual XBPS-PKGDB(1)

xbps-pkgdbXBPS utility to report/fix issues and modify the package database (pkgdb)

xbps-pkgdb [OPTIONS] [PKGNAME...]

The xbps-pkgdb utility can check/fix issues and modify the package database (pkgdb). It's able to check for missing dependencies, modified files and symlinks, alternatives and more errors that have been fixed in newer versions of xbps. A mode to update the format to the latest version is also available. This is the list of things that xbps-pkgdb currently does:

Checks that package metadata files have not been modified by comparing original hash that is recorded when package is installed against current one.
Checks that all files belonging to a package have not been modified and are not missing. For regular files, its modification time and the SHA256 hash are compared and checked if they differ. For symbolic links the target file is checked that it has not been modified.
Checks that all required dependencies for a package are resolved.
Checks that all alternatives symlinks for set alternatives groups are correct.
Checks that the package database does not contain obsolete data from previous XBPS versions and removes them if found.
Updates the pkgdb format to the latest version.

Process all registered packages, regardless of its state.
--config dir
Specifies a path to the XBPS configuration directory. If the first character is not '/' then it's a relative path of rootdir.
Enables extra debugging shown to stderr.
Show the help message.
--mode auto|manual|hold|unhold|repolock|repounlock
, manual
marks each PKGNAME as automatic - as if it was installed implicitly as a dependency of another package. manual marks each PKGNAME as if it was installed explicitly as an operand to xbps-install(1). automatic packages are considered for removal by xbps-remove --remove-orphans; see also --list-manual-pkgs, --list-orphans in xbps-query(1).
Set or unset the hold mode for each PKGNAME. xbps-install -u does not update packages on hold; see also --list-hold-pkgs in xbps-query(1).
Set or unset the repolock mode for each PKGNAME. A package in repolock mode will only accept updates that are available in the same repository that was used for installing. See also --list-repolock-pkgs in xbps-query(1).
--rootdir dir
Specifies a full path for the target root directory.
Updates the pkgdb format to the latest version making the necessary conversions automatically. Usually this is needed only in rare circumstances.
Enables verbose messages.
Show the version information.

Default configuration directory.
Default system configuration directory.
Package files metadata.
Default package database (0.38 format). Keeps track of installed packages and properties.
Default cache directory to store downloaded binary packages.

xbps-checkvers(1), xbps-create(1), xbps-dgraph(1), xbps-digest(1), xbps-fbulk(1), xbps-fetch(1), xbps-install(1), xbps-query(1), xbps-reconfigure(1), xbps-remove(1), xbps-rindex(1), xbps-uchroot(1), xbps-uunshare(1), xbps.d(5)

Juan Romero Pardines <>
Duncan Overbruck <>

Probably, but I try to make this not happen. Use it under your own responsibility and enjoy your life.

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June 20, 2019