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XBPS-DIGEST(1) General Commands Manual XBPS-DIGEST(1)

xbps-digestXBPS utility to generate message digests

xbps-digest [OPTIONS] [FILE] [FILE+N]

The xbps-digest utility generates message digests for specified FILE or stdin if unset.

--mode mode
Sets the message digest mode. Supported: sha256. If unset, defaults to sha256.
Show the help message.
Show the version information.

xbps-checkvers(1), xbps-create(1), xbps-dgraph(1), xbps-fbulk(1), xbps-fetch(1), xbps-install(1), xbps-pkgdb(1), xbps-query(1), xbps-reconfigure(1), xbps-remove(1), xbps-rindex(1), xbps-uchroot(1), xbps-uunshare(1), xbps.d(5)

Juan Romero Pardines <>

Probably, but I try to make this not happen. Use it under your own responsibility and enjoy your life.

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June 12, 2019