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XBPS-FBULK(1) General Commands Manual XBPS-FBULK(1)

xbps-fbulkXBPS utility to perform a fast bulk build of void-packages

xbps-fbulk [OPTIONS] /path/to/void-packages [pkgN pkgN+1 ...]

The xbps-fbulk utility iterates all srcpkg directories in the void-packages repository or processes the pkgN arguments, and then runs ./xbps-src show-build-deps', to build a dependency tree on the fly.

As the dependency tree is being built, terminal dependencies are built and packaged on the fly.

As these builds complete additional dependencies may be satisfied and be added to the build order. Ultimately the entire tree is built.

Only one attempt is made to build any given package, no matter how many other packages depend on it.

Set a different target architecture, useful for cross compiling.
Set number of parallel builds running at the same time. By default set to 1.
Set the log directory. By default set to `log.<pid>`.
Enables extra debugging shown to stderr.
Show the help message.
Enables verbose messages.
Show the version information.

Packages that are being built.
Packages that were built successfully.
Packages that failed to build.
Packages that were not built because they had to be skipped (unsupported architecture, broken or restricted).
Packages that were not built due to missing dependencies.

The masterdir in the void-packages repository must be fully populated for chroot operations, and some options need to be set in etc/conf to make xbps-fbulk work correctly:

The xbps-uchroot(1) utility is required because xbps-fbulk builds packages in temporary masterdirs that are mounted with overlayfs.

Make sure the user running xbps-fbulk has rights to execute xbps-uchroot(1) and the kernel supports the overlay filesystem, introduced in 4.0.

xbps-checkvers(1), xbps-create(1), xbps-dgraph(1), xbps-digest(1), xbps-fetch(1), xbps-install(1), xbps-pkgdb(1), xbps-query(1), xbps-reconfigure(1), xbps-remove(1), xbps-rindex(1), xbps-uchroot(1), xbps-uunshare(1), xbps.d(5)

The xbps-fbulk utility was originally written by Matthew Dillon <> for the DragonFlyBSD project.

Juan Romero Pardines <> adapted it for xbps and added some new features.

Probably, but I try to make this not happen. Use it under your own responsibility and enjoy your life.

Report bugs at

June 12, 2019