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XBPS-CHECKVERS(1) General Commands Manual XBPS-CHECKVERS(1)

XBPS utility to check for outdated packages

xbps-checkvers [
] [

The xbps-checkvers utility checks for outdated packages in a target root directory or in all registered repositories by comparing the package versions against the source package versions available in a void-packages tree. By default and unless the -i, --installed option is set, it will compare package versions in repositories against the void-packages tree. The FILES argument sets extra packages to process with the outdated ones (only processed if missing).

--config dir
Specifies a path to the XBPS configuration directory. If the first character is not '/' then it's a relative path of rootdir.
--distdir dir
Specifies a full path to the void-packages repository. By default set to ~/void-packages.
Enables extra debugging shown to stderr.
Show the help message.
Check for outdated installed packages rather than in repositories.
Repository to be added to the top of the list. This option can be specified multiple times.
--rootdir dir
Specifies a full path for the target root directory.
Shows missing binary packages comparing against the void-packages tree.
Show the version information.

xbps-create(1), xbps-dgraph(1), xbps-fbulk(1), xbps-install(1), xbps-pkgdb(1), xbps-query(1), xbps-reconfigure(1), xbps-rindex(1), xbps-uchroot(1), xbps-uunshare(1), xbps.d(5)

Dave Elusive <>
Juan Romero Pardines <>

Probably, but I try to make this not happen. Use it under your own responsibility and enjoy your life.
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October 28, 2015