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XMIRROR(1) General Commands Manual XMIRROR(1)

xmirrorInteractive script for changing XBPS mirrors

xmirror [OPTIONS...]

The xmirror utility sets and resets the mirror server that XBPS uses. It can be used both with and without the interactive TUI. xmirror requires root permissions to execute.

, --help
Show help and exit.
, --rootdir rootdir
Use an alternative rootdir. Acts similar to XBPS's -r flag.
, --version
Show the version and exit.

These options only work when using the interactive TUI.

, --mirror-list mirrorlist
Use an alternative mirrorlist file. This should be in the format described in FILES. Default: /usr/share/xmirror/mirrors.lst
, --no-fetch
Don't attempt to update the mirror list.

Using these options skips the interactive TUI.

, --default
Reset the current mirror to the default and exit.
, --set mirrorurl
Set the current mirror to mirrorurl and exit.

xmirror respects all environment variables xbps-install(1) uses when synchronizing repository indexes after selecting or resetting mirrors.

is particularly useful if setting the mirror on a system of a different architecture.

/usr/share/xmirror/mirrors.lst is where the current mirror list is stored. It is a tab-separated value file, with the columns:

A continent abbreviation from, , or another string describing the region of the mirror.
The base url of the mirror, for example:
A human-readable location for the mirror, like a country and/or city.
An indicator of status.

All lines beginning with are ignored.


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