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VOID-DOCS(1) General Commands Manual VOID-DOCS(1)

void-docsAccess Void Linux documentation

void-docs [OPTIONS] [search terms]

The void-docs utility will attempt to launch different programs until it can find an adequate one to display the Void Linux documentation. If it is invoked without a search term, it will show the documentation's home page. Multiple search terms can be used to filter results. If the user has the fzf(1) or sk(1) utilities installed in their system, it will be used to browse the results. Otherwise, void-docs will immediately display the first search result. If the -s flag is used, void-docs will display the search results instead of the documentation.

The programs void-docs will try to use are, in order of preference:

It should be noted that for the PDF version, void-docs doesn't support search results.

For a better browsing experience, installing fzf(1) is recommended.

Show help message.
Only try to display the HTML version.
Only try to display the Markdown version.
Only try to display the roff (mdoc) version.
Open the PDF version.
Only display search results.

The ‘void-docs’ package contains a snapshot of the online documentation from, which intends to document installation, configuration and system management for Void Linux. It is packaged in four formats.

Documentation in HTML format. Can be viewed with any browser, such as Mozilla Firefox or Chromium. Recommended when a GUI session is available, because it allows easy navigation between the documentation pages and has the same format as the official website. Can be accessed by pointing a browser to /usr/share/doc/void/html/index.html.
Documentation in Markdown format. Can be viewed as text files, using cat(1) or less(1), or as formatted Markdown files, using applications such as ‘mdcat’ or ‘glow’. The table of contents can be accessed via the /usr/share/doc/void/markdown/ file.
Documentation in roff (mdoc) format. Can be viewed using mandoc(1). Using mandoc(1) with the -a option, which enables a pager, is recommended.
Documentation in PDF format. Can be viewed with any PDF viewer, such as zathura(1) or okular(1).

View the documentation page about the kernel:

$ void-docs kernel

View a documentation page inside another session:

$ void-docs graphical-session kde

View the homepage of the HTML documentation with qutebrowser(1):

$ qutebrowser /usr/share/doc/void/html/index.html

View the summary of the Markdown documentation with less(1):

$ less /usr/share/doc/void/markdown/

View the “Kernel” page of the Markdown documentation with ‘mdcat’:

$ mdcat /usr/share/doc/void/markdown/config/

View the “Cron” page of the roff (mdoc) documentation with mandoc(1):

$ mandoc -a /usr/share/doc/void/mandoc/config/cron.7

This man page is part of the void-docs package and is available from

The Void Linux documentation tries to limit itself to content that is specific to Void. Therefore, if you feel something is missing, it might have been deliberate. However, if there is any information that is mistaken, outdated or indeed missing, please report an issue at

October 9, 2020 x86_64