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VKPURGE(8) System Manager's Manual VKPURGE(8)

vkpurgeremove old kernel files/modules

vkpurge list [version]

vkpurge rm all

vkpurge rm version ...

The vkpurge utility lists and removes removable kernel versions left behind by xbps-install(1) and xbps-remove(1). vkpurge runs the appropriate removal hooks and deletes the kernel, modules and other miscellaneous files.

vkpurge only lists or removes kernel versions that are:

  • not currently booted.
  • not provided by any installed xbps package.

The version arguments support sh(1) pattern matching.

The following commands are available:

List removable kernel versions. Optionally list only versions matching version.
rm all
Remove all removable kernel versions.
version ...
Remove all removable kernel versions matching version.

The vkpurge utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

The following command lists installed kernels matching a pattern.

$ vkpurge list '4.18.*'

The following command will delete the kernel versions matching the pattern and a specified version.

# vkpurge rm '2.6.*' 4.3.4_1

xbps-install(1), xbps-remove(1)

There is no support for all kernels. Specific series, like rpi-kernel, are not supported yet.

April 6, 2019 x86_64