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ZPOOL-GET(8) System Manager's Manual ZPOOL-GET(8)

zpool-getretrieve properties of ZFS storage pools

zpool get [-Hp] [-o field[,field]…] all|property[,property]… [pool]…

zpool set property=value pool

zpool get [-Hp] [-o field[,field]…] all|property[,property]… [pool]…
Retrieves the given list of properties (or all properties if all is used) for the specified storage pool(s). These properties are displayed with the following fields:
Name of storage pool.
Property name.
Property value.
Property source, either or .

See the zpoolprops(7) manual page for more information on the available pool properties.

Scripted mode. Do not display headers, and separate fields by a single tab instead of arbitrary space.
A comma-separated list of columns to display, defaults to name,property,value,source.
Display numbers in parsable (exact) values.
zpool set property=value pool
Sets the given property on the specified pool. See the zpoolprops(7) manual page for more information on what properties can be set and acceptable values.

zpool-features(7), zpoolprops(7), zpool-list(8)

August 9, 2019 OpenZFS