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ZPOOL-ATTACH(8) System Manager's Manual ZPOOL-ATTACH(8)

zpool-attachattach new device to existing ZFS vdev

zpool attach [-fsw] [-o property=value] pool device new_device

Attaches new_device to the existing device. The existing device cannot be part of a raidz configuration. If device is not currently part of a mirrored configuration, device automatically transforms into a two-way mirror of device and new_device. If device is part of a two-way mirror, attaching new_device creates a three-way mirror, and so on. In either case, new_device begins to resilver immediately and any running scrub is cancelled.

Forces use of new_device, even if it appears to be in use. Not all devices can be overridden in this manner.
Sets the given pool properties. See the zpoolprops(7) manual page for a list of valid properties that can be set. The only property supported at the moment is .
The new_device is reconstructed sequentially to restore redundancy as quickly as possible. Checksums are not verified during sequential reconstruction so a scrub is started when the resilver completes. Sequential reconstruction is not supported for raidz configurations.
Waits until new_device has finished resilvering before returning.

zpool-add(8), zpool-detach(8), zpool-import(8), zpool-initialize(8), zpool-online(8), zpool-replace(8), zpool-resilver(8)

May 15, 2020 OpenZFS