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seatd(1) General Commands Manual seatd(1)

seatd - A seat management daemon

seatd [options]

Show help message and quit.

-u <user>

User to own the seatd socket.

-g <group>

Group to own the seatd socket.

-s <path>

Where to create the seatd socket. Defaults to `/run/seatd.sock`.


Show the version number and quit.

seatd provides central seat management, mediating access to shared resources such as displays and input devices in a multi-session, multi-seat environment.

seatd operates over a UNIX domain socket, with libseat providing the client-side of the protocol.

SEATD_SOCK File path Informs libseat of the socket location, needed if it differs from `/run/seatd.sock`
SEATD_LOGLEVEL silent, error, info, debug Sets the seatd log level. Defaults to "error"

The libseat library, <libseat.h>

Maintained by Kenny Levinsen <>, who is assisted by other open-source contributors. For more information about seatd development, see
2020-11-17 x86_64