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runsvchdir(8) System Manager's Manual runsvchdir(8)

runsvchdir - change services directory of runsvdir(8)

runsvchdir dir

dir is a services directory for the use with runsvdir(8). If dir does not start with a slash, it is searched in /etc/runit/runsvdir/. dir must not start with a dot.

runsvchdir switches to the directory /etc/runit/runsvdir/, copies current to previous, and replaces current with a symlink pointing to dir.

Normally /var/service is a symlink to current, and runsvdir(8) is running /var/service/.

runsvchdir prints an error message and exits 111 on error. runsvchdir exits 0 on success.


runsvdir(8), runit(8), runit-init(8), sv(8), runsv(8)

Gerrit Pape <>