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HALT(8) System Manager's Manual HALT(8)

halt, reboot, poweroffstop the system

halt [-n] [-f] [-d] [-w] [-B]

reboot [-n] [-f]

poweroff [-n] [-f]

halt / reboot / poweroff tells init(8) to bring down, reboot, or power off the system. Without -f, it is a shortcut for init 0 / init 6.

Don't sync before reboot or halt. Note that the kernel and storage drivers may still sync.
Force halt or reboot, don't call init(8). This is !
Do not write the wtmp record.
Just write the wtmp record.
Just write the wtmp record, but for a boot.

This version of halt is based on runit(8), the following features are supported and silently ignored:

to put hard drives in standby mode.
to shut down network interfaces.

init(8), shutdown(8)

Leah Neukirchen,

September 5, 2019 Linux