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PW-JACK(1) General Commands Manual PW-JACK(1)

pw-jack - Use PipeWire instead of JACK

pw-jack [options] COMMAND [FILE]

pw-jack modifies the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable so that applications will load PipeWire's reimplementation of the JACK client libraries instead of JACK's own libraries. This results in JACK clients being redirected to PipeWire.

If PipeWire's reimplementation of the JACK client libraries has been installed as a system-wide replacement for JACK's own libraries, then the whole system already behaves in that way, in which case pw-jack has no practical effect.

Show help.
The name of the remote instance to connect to. If left unspecified, a connection is made to the default PipeWire instance.
Verbose operation.

pw-jack sndfile-jackplay /usr/share/sounds/freedesktop/stereo/bell.oga

Using PipeWire for audio is currently considered to be experimental.

The PipeWire Developers <>; PipeWire is available from

pipewire(1), jackd(1),