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pipewire(1) General Commands Manual pipewire(1)

pipewire - The PipeWire media server

pipewire [options]

PipeWire is a service that facilitates sharing of multimedia content between devices and applications.

The pipewire daemon reads a config file that is further documented in pipewire.conf(5) manual page.

-h | --help

Show help.

-v | --verbose

Increase the verbosity by one level. This option may be specified multiple times.


Show version information.

-c | --config=FILE

Load the given config file (Default: pipewire.conf).

The PipeWire Developers <>; PipeWire is available from <>

pw-top(1), pw-dump(1), pw-mon(1), pw-cat(1), pw-cli(1), libpipewire-modules(7)

1.0.0 PipeWire