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NMTUI(1) General Commands Manual NMTUI(1)

nmtui - Text User Interface for controlling NetworkManager

nmtui-edit | nmtui edit {name | id}

nmtui-connect | nmtui connect {name | uuid | device | SSID}

nmtui-hostname | nmtui hostname

nmtui is a curses‐based TUI application for interacting with NetworkManager. When starting nmtui, the user is prompted to choose the activity to perform unless it was specified as the first argument.

The supported activities are:


Show a connection editor that supports adding, modifying, viewing and deleting connections. It provides similar functionality as nm-connection-editor.


Show a list of available connections, with the option to activate or deactivate them. It provides similar functionality as nm-applet.


Set the system hostname.

Corresponding to above activities, nmtui also comes with binaries named nmtui-edit, nmtui-connect, and nmtui-hostname to skip the selection of the activities.

nmcli(1), nm-applet(1), nm-connection-editor(1), NetworkManager(8).

NetworkManager 1.46.0