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IWCTL(1) Linux Connectivity IWCTL(1)

iwctl - Internet wireless control utility

iwctl [options ...] [commands ...]

Tool for configuring iwd daemon via D-Bus interface. It supports both an interactive mode and command line mode.

Provide username.
Provide password.
Provide passphrase.
Don't ask for missing credentials.
Show help message and exit.

To start an interactive mode and list all available commands do: .. code-block:

$ iwctl
[iwd]# help

To connect to a network: .. code-block:

[iwd]# device list
[iwd]# station DEVICE scan
[iwd]# station DEVICE get-networks
[iwd]# station DEVICE connect SSID

To list all available commands in command line mode and exit do: .. code-block:

$ iwctl --help

To connect to a network: .. code-block:

$ iwctl device list
$ iwctl station DEVICE scan
$ iwctl station DEVICE get-networks
$ iwctl --passphrase=PASSPHRASE station DEVICE connect SSID


Marcel Holtmann <>

2013-2019 Intel Corporation

22 September 2019 iwctl