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IWCTL(1) Linux Connectivity IWCTL(1)

iwctl - Internet wireless control utility

iwctl [options ...] [commands ...]

Tool for configuring iwd daemon via D-Bus interface. It supports both an interactive mode and command line mode.

--username, -u
Provide username.
--password, -p
Provide password.
--passphrase, -P
Provide passphrase.
--dont-ask, -v
Don't ask for missing credentials.
--help, -h
Show help message and exit.

To start an interactive mode and list all available commands do: .. code-block:

$ iwctl
[iwd]# help

To connect to a network: .. code-block:

[iwd]# device list
[iwd]# station DEVICE scan
[iwd]# station DEVICE get-networks
[iwd]# station DEVICE connect SSID

To list all available commands in command line mode and exit do: .. code-block:

$ iwctl --help

To connect to a network: .. code-block:

$ iwctl device list
$ iwctl station DEVICE scan
$ iwctl station DEVICE get-networks
$ iwctl --passphrase=PASSPHRASE station DEVICE connect SSID


Marcel Holtmann <>

2013-2019 Intel Corporation
22 September 2019 iwctl