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ELOGIND(8) elogind ELOGIND(8)

elogind - Login manager

elogind [OPTIONS...] {COMMAND}

elogind is a system service that manages user logins. It is responsible for:
•Keeping track of users and sessions, their processes and their idle state
•Providing PolicyKit-based access for users to operations such as system shutdown or sleep
•Implementing a shutdown/sleep inhibition logic for applications
•Handling of power/sleep hardware keys
•Multi-seat management
•Session switch management
•Device access management for users
User sessions are registered in elogind via the pam_elogind(8) PAM module.
See logind.conf(5) for information about the configuration of this service.
See Multi-Seat on Linux[1] for an introduction into basic concepts of logind such as users, sessions and seats.
See the logind D-Bus API Documentation[2] for information about the APIs logind provides.
For more information on the inhibition logic see the Inhibitor Lock Developer Documentation[3].

The following options are understood:
-D, --daemon
Daemonize elogind by double-forking into background.
-h, --help
Show the helpt text and exit.

The elogind Homepage[4], loginctl(1), logind.conf(5), pam_elogind(8)

Multi-Seat on Linux
logind D-Bus API Documentation
Inhibitor Lock Developer Documentation
elogind Homepage
elogind 239.3