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AUCATCTL(1) General Commands Manual AUCATCTL(1)

aucatctlcontrol aucat and/or sndiod volume through MIDI

aucatctl [-f port] [expr ...]

The aucatctl utility sends MIDI volume controller messages (number 7) to adjust the volume of audio programs using sndiod(1) server for output. It can send a master volume system exclusive messages as well to control the volume of the mix of all streams.

The options are as follows:

Specifies the name of the sndio(7) MIDI port to use, default is snd/0

In no expression is given, aucatctl displays the list of streams known by the server and their respective volumes. If an expression is a stream name, then the volume of this stream is displayed. If the expression is a stream name followed by "=" followed by a decimal in the 0..127 range, then the stream volume is set to the given value.

The special master stream corresponds to the mix of all streams and sends master volume system exclusive messages.

List known volumes knobs and their values:

$ aucatctl

Set master volume to 85 and mplayer volume to 100

$ aucatctl master=85 mplayer0=100
master -> 85
mplayer0 -> 100

aucat(1) sndiod(1) mio_open(3) sndio(7)

November 29, 2010 x86_64